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Our History

The vision for Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT began in 2013, right before our founder, Apostle Marino, made a trip to preach in Europe for the first time. One thing she started noticing was how gravely unhappy many people were with their churches. It seemed like every time she turned around, someone was upset with something going on where they attended. They would go visit somewhere else, but not feel right about the general spirit in the places. It wasn’t just “church hopping,” as we often call it. These were sincere, dedicated individuals who recognized something was wrong and they didn’t have somewhere to go that was right. They were sick of politics infiltrating the church, both church politics and national politics. They complained that their ministries had been hijacked by Republicans (in their own words) and that they felt the church had more of an air of causes rather than genuine Gospel truth. They were tired of having to turn their heads the other way and tolerate negative attitudes about women, unwelcoming attitudes toward people who were not members, even a general feeling that they were all just there because of some sort of upholding of tradition. They didn’t want to stop attending church, but they didn’t see another option because no matter how many places they tried, they just didn’t find what they wanted where they were going.

Apostle Marino started thinking about what they were talking about and she remembered all the times she wished she could have gone to a church in the area without having so many questions asked. Every time she went to a church just as a visitor, she was treated as if she was a non-believer or a rebellious heathen who needed to “submit” themselves to that local ministry and attend every week. She knew that going to visit a church, just to visit, just to be with other people in a moment of need, wasn’t an option because of how she would be treated in the process. She began to understand what people were talking about and wanted to create a place for them to go, somewhere where the regular members know God is there, want to bring their friends there, and who recognize the responsibility of keeping that place readily available for those who are seeking something just like it.

On her way to Europe, Apostle made a layover in New York City to visit a friend for a few days before flying out of JFK. While on that trip, she talked to her friend about the vision she had and the kind of place she wanted to create. Sitting on a bench somewhere between Harlem and the Bowery, he said to her, “And you know what you are going to call it?”

“Um, no,” Apostle replied.


The vision of Sanctuary was officially born. The name, Sanctuary Apostolic Fellowship, was established to incorporate the connection between Sanctuary and Apostolic Fellowship International Revival Ministries, Inc., the parent ministry of this church divsion.

For the next few years, Apostle Marino went through intense warfare, intended to discourage her from pursuing this vision. She dealt with spiritual attack from those she covered in love and those who were jealous of the vision. Through sabotage, rumors, vicious lies, and envy, Apostle dealt with intense witchcraft and warfare. Even though many attempts to bring forth Sanctuary did not come to pass, Apostle recognized the need for the work, and continued to build and persevere.

In early 2015, Apostle Marino began working on working on plans to birth Sanctuary with other local believers as part of a monthly community service in the building of another ministry. Apostle received the vision to use Sanctuary as a training ground for seminarians, and to also leave the door open for those who want to remain, help continue to train others and staff the church, and for others to also start branches of Sanctuary in other cities. This revolutionary idea sounded strange to many, but Apostle knew that God had something special in store with that unique vision. The ministry whose building Apostle was supposed to use closed not long after plans to launch Sanctuary began, thus Apostle Marino started looking for her own facility. In September 2015, the current location at 405 E Six Forks Road in Raleigh, North Carolina was found and Apostle knew she wanted to pursue the vision, knowing God was in it. Apostle Marino put the word out and began raising funds for the building. Within a short period of time, many people from all over the United States responded in kind, and the full despoit and first month and a half of rent was obtained.

October 11 2015, Sanctuary Apostolic Fellowship held its first Sunday morning worship service in Raleigh, North Carolina. The vision continued and progressed with establishment of Sanctuary Academy on the Pre-K level and Wednesday Bible Study later that month.

In May of 2016, the Lord revealed the next stages of Sanctuary's progress toward community involvement and spiritual empowerment. The name, Sanctuary Apostolic Fellowship, was changed to Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT, for short, to express the inclusion, spiritual expression, and belief that we espouse. We also started preparations toward movement and expansion into the Charlotte, North Carolina area. In August 2016, we moved to our current location at 107 Northwoods Village Drive in Cary, North Carolina.

Overall, the story of SIFT is truly a story of faith, love, Christians working together, and the persistence of a tiny little woman who knows that with God, all things are possible.

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