Leadership Requirements

  • 1.

    At least 21 years of age

    Candidates must be at least 21 years of age for five-fold ministry applicants and at least 25 years of age for an appointment (Elder, Bishop, Deacon). We require all candidates to be high school graduates and a four-year degree is preferred.

  • 2.

    Willingness to work

    SIFT leadership must devote at least eighteen hours per week in service to the church (including but not limited to office help, church cleaning, children's and youth programs, and evangelism. Staff for SIFT must relocate to the Raleigh-Durham area; we cannot train SIFT seminarians from a distance.

  • 3.

    Open minds and open hearts

    The majority of the SIFT congregation populations consist of individuals who are not the "norm" in church groups (although we welcome anyone to attend SIFT): LGBT individuals, single parents, young adults, alternative families, single individuals, and anyone who truly recognizes they desire the fellowship of God in their lives. We do not discriminate, which means we have a cross-population of membership in SIFT churches that include ideal, non-ideal, unique, and special circumstances in people's lives. To lead at SIFT, an individual must be prepared to handle any situation, from the average to the non-average.


We're Looking For You!

If you want ministerial training in a purposed atmosphere, you;ve come to the right place!

At Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT, we believe in the five-fold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers (Ephesians 4:11). It is through this pattern that the church is thoroughly equipped for every good work, as within the five-fold ministry, the church has a complete covering of spiritual gifts and leadership styles. Through the five-fold, the entire church is trained, prepared, and able to go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel.

Our leadership structure is built upon interns who are training through Apostolic University Seminary for the goal of ministry work and ministry education. We offer our students the opportunity to experience hands-on-training in exchange for their commitment to remain with us throughout their training and build their educational endeavors in the meantime. Apostolic University's Seminary program is open for all offices of the five-fold ministry, from Apostle to Teacher, thus enabling those who serve in internship with us to be thoroughly equipped for every good work, regardless of the office to which God has called them.

Currently, Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT seeks future student leaders in all five of the ministry offices who are willing to work under the covering of Apostle Marino and within the structure and purpose of Sanctuary. We are in special need of pastors, evangelists, and teachers, that local congregations may be equipped as they are built.

We also have need of appointment ministry work, namely, the works of bishop, elder, and deacon, to assist in the building and work of the ministry. Bishops, elders, and deacons will be properly trained in order to gain a proper understanding of the appointment works and to oversee the ministries that they are assigned to. While bishops, elders, and deacons are not required to go through seminary training, it is an option for them to go through formalized Apostolic University training, as well.

Candidates must be willing to train for their desired positions, for a period of one to three years depending on prior experience. We accept both male and female applicants for any ministerial position within the five-fold ministry who are age 21 and over. For appointment offices, male and female candidates must be at least age 25 and over. Calling and election must be made sure. Positions are currently voluntary through internship experience, requiring a tithe of time during the internship program and the ability to cover the tuition for the seminary program ($5,500 USD in total). Internship students must relocate to the Charlotte/Concord, NC area for training or live in the area and must be active in the work of Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT. We cannot pay for students and/or their families to relocate to the Charlotte, NC area, and we are not able to provide funding for students to move to the area from overseas in order to train with us. We welcome students from anywhere, but students are responsible for their housing and travel to the area.

For those who are interested, please send resume or curriculum vitae along with a brief essay about why you want to work with us at SIFT to Apostle Marino at drleeannbmarino@welcomeinthisplace.org.

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