SIFT stands for Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle, the full name of our church movement. We abbreviate it SIFT because we are more than just a church on the corner that everyone thinks they should attend. We are a transformation movement; a press to bring needed interest, purpose, and vision to the church, as a whole.

We are SIFT because we are people who have been sifted; who have been sorted out, refined, changed, and made better by the hard lumps which hit up against us in our lives. We have been sifted; what the enemy intended for evil, God used for good, that we might be here to serve and worship with others.

The term "sanctuary" has had many meanings throughout history. Its original relates to the word "holy," meaning "set apart for a purpose." The original sanctuary was the "Holy of Holies," found in the portable and later structural temple found in the Old Testament. The sanctuary of old served as a place of sacrifice, worked by temple priests - and the temple priests alone.

After the death and resurrection of Jesus, the temple sacrifices were no longer needed, as they typified His ultimate sacrifice for sin that, once and for all, was a means of salvation for humanity. Now all people could come to the Father through Christ, and were no longer in need of distant means by which to try and approach God. The Savior came, becoming a sanctuary within His body, and transforming us through his death, unto our lives.

The church (as in, the place where the followers of Christ gather to worship Him) has, thus, throughout history, taken on this representation of sanctuary. While each believer is now the dwelling of the Holy Spirit, having a place to gather to worship, to study, to experience and meet with God as a collective body, also represents a place of safety and security. Throughout history, the church building has been used as a place of refuge for those running from the law, from the government, who were homeless and needed a place to stay, for those who wanted education or greater spiritual development, and for those who found themselves otherwise in need of that sacred touch in their lives - to go to a place that represented separateness and peace.

As a result, the sanctuary is the holy place - a place that is not used for ordinary, common things. It represents the presence of God, present there, where people are able to meet with Him. It is a break from the ordinary, wherein people are able to meet with the extraordinary. At Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT we continue to herald this place of safety, where people seeking refuge from worldly cares, politics, and problems that so often plague modern churches are able to come, just as they are, and experience their God.

We also seek to provide sanctuary for those who are in genuine need. There is more than one to be in need, and there is more than one way to require the intervention of serious, spiritual people in one's life. We are all about creating connection for people who don't have connection: whether it is because they don't know God, they do not have a family situation that welcomes them (for whatever the reason), they find themselves on the outskirts of society or the outskirts of traditional church, they are lonely, or they are just not accepted anywhere else...we are here for them. We are community-minded, creating individuals who are spiritually and socially conscious, assisting those who are in physical need as well as those in emotional need. We believe in educating men and women; children and teens; helping the hungry, thirsty, imprisoned, naked, uneducated, and sheltered. We seek to encourage, bless, and empower people, showing them God reaches out to us where we are to bring us everywhere we need to be.

What To Expect

  • The move of the Spirit
  • Worship and praise
  • Intercessory services
  • Prayer and the laying on of hands
  • Prophecy
  • A non-political atmosphere
  • Established, well-trained leadership
  • Extensive study, including training and Scriptural understanding
  • A welcoming approach and attitude
  • Healing for the hurting
  • Flow of spiritual gifts
  • Spiritual empowerment
  • Warmth and love
  • Sunday School and other classes
  • Men's, Women's, Children's, and Youth Ministries
  • Balance between traditional and modern forms of worship
  • Counseling is available
  • Homeless shelter
  • Food and clothing ministry
  • Prison ministry
  • K-12 Sanctuary Academy (coming soon)
  • Sunday School and Children and Youth Programs

Hearts Of Service

  • Love of God and our neighbor
  • Prayer, praise, worship, and devotion
  • Regular worship services for the community
  • Education
  • Evangelism
  • Missions
  • Service
  • Leadership development
  • Discipleship in action
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