We are here for you!

We love people...we love seeing lives changed and transformed, and we love seeing people empowered.
When we tell you that we love you...we mean it!.


Come as you are, find what you need

Too much of the church world focuses on changing people without considering what God might want to do in someone's life.
We give individuals room to grow, room to learn, and all the proper tools and equipping in order to become all that God wants them to become.


Something for everyoner

We are not just about trying to fill a comfortable church, but a church that is filled with people who need,
to experience God, no matter what they have been through or where they are, right now.


You are welcome in this place

This is the House of God -
That means we leave politics outside this door.
We do not argue, nor debate them here and we respect differences of political opinion.
We do not preach or tolerate hate within these walls,
and we open the door for discussion on different ideas.

We believe in deliverance and restoration, and that God's got the cure for anything that ails you, no matter what it might be -
Spiritual, physical or emotional –
And that we are here for you:

Rich, poor, middle class, or what’s next,
Feminist, womanist,
Black, white, or Hispanic;
Asian, Indian, or Indigenous,
Immigrant, refugee, foreigner or wanderer;
LGBT or Q, straight, or in between;
Conservative or liberal,
Or whatever falls in the middle;
Hoping, expecting, knowing, or still unsure…
We are here to welcome you in,
Become your friend, hold you up and 
Always remind you:

No matter who you are, what you've done, what you think, where you've been, or what you've been through –

You are welcome in this place.



Contact Us

No matter what your need may be, we love to hear from those who encounter our work. Please feel free to reach out - we would love to hear from you!

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Pray with us!

Pray with us in a safe atmosphere, open to the move of God and without judgment, opposition, or anyone looking down on your request.

Worship with us!

We have a number of services and classes available to enhance your life on a regular basis.

Study with us!

We approach the Scriptures in a contextual manner, seeking to see what God has to say to us in our modern times as well as ways to understand the Word so it changes our lives.

  • Proclaiming His covenant

  • Inspiring to life

  • Encouragement through tough times

  • Family for the lonely

  • Promises for the future

  • Unconditional love

  • Life applications

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